„Canada Without Shadows: I am a Romani Woman“ //

„Kanada Bizo Uchalipe: Me Sem Romni“

…is a small 24-page book featuring the testimonies and artwork of five Hungarian Romani women – Ilona, Timea, Monika V., Gizella, and Monika B – who, along with their families, have sought refuge in Toronto, Canada. The book also includes reports, texts, and resources.

Project volunteers were Livia Kenyeres, Tünde Igli, Hajnalka Klein (translation), and Nina Bottacini (printmaking workshops).

Women’s testimonies were recorded by Hedina Tahirović Sijerčić. Project community co-ordinator was Gina Csanyi. Book design and production is by Eric Mills of Eric Mills Editing and Design.

Das Buch als PDF ist hier auf Englisch erhältlich :



Das Chirikli Collective von der Rromani Schrifstellerin Hedina Tahirović und der Künstlerin Lynn Hutchison stellt sich so vor:

Chirikli Collective was founded in January 2011 by Hedina Tahirović Sijerčić and Lynn Hutchinson Lee. Our collective is small, informal, and mobile, based in Toronto Canada, Aldekerk Germany and Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our first projects, Canada Without Shadows and The Witness Project, inspired us to work as a collective, exploring processes, arts projects, and interdisciplinary installations intrinsic to our vision and practice of cultural identity. We participate in arts education programmes, and are developing new projects.

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