E ISTORIA ANDAR ROMANI CHAJI (The Story of Romani Chaji)

Our Romani Chaji is back with a great new video: E ISTORIA ANDAR ROMANI CHAJI (The Story of Romani Chaji).

Founded in 2017, The Romaniphen girls´ group, Romani Chaji, is a safer space for young Romnja to self-empower, to find a creative space and a supportive space for their (educational) goals. A space where they can talk about their experiences with discrimination and develop strategies against it, as well as a space where learning opportunities are provided to support the girls in their education.

In this video, Romani Chaji explains the origin and reasons for setting up the group, the initiators, the projects they have developed, as well as the latest project news, etc.

German with English subtitles (SDH).

Text, images and editing: Estera Iordan

Supported by: "Live Democracy!" by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.