About us


RomaniPhen e.V.

RomaniPhen e.V. is an organization of Romnja* and Sintizze*

As a self-organization, we are primarily active in the field of education, knowledge and cultural production. We work in the extracurricular historical and political education field, on racism-critical further education for professionals and multipliers, along with developing and mediating educational materials. Our work focuses on feminist work with girls*, women*, Romani-related events and the networking of activists, as well as the appreciation and dissemination of Romani knowledge.

Our way

RomaniPhen e.V. emerged at the end of 2018 from the women*’s group IniRromnja, which had already existed since 2009. The IniRromnja initiative is a union of Romnja* and Sintizze* who no longer want to accept that the rejection, hostility and violence against Romani and Sinti people are concealed, trivialized or even justified. Racism in any form must be named and fought – this is what we stand up for.

Our goal

The title RomaniPhen is derived from two meanings: the “RomaniSister“ and the “culture/language/history” of the Romani people. The concept of culture contained in the title is in no way directed at the preservation and further transmission of any customs. Rather, we are concerned with the diverse cultures of resistance, survival, social interpretation, historical testimonies and analyses, as well as the social participation of Romani people.

We work feminist, racism-critical and empowering!