Aven, Sikla ketne! – Come, let's learn together!

Educational material in German and Romanes for nurseries and elementary school​

The project “Aven, sikla ketne! – Come, let’s learn together!” project,  teaching materials in German and Romanes were created.

Although Sinti and Romani people have been living in Germany for 500 years and belong to the nationally recognized minorities, their stories and perspectives are usually not present in teaching materials. If Sinti and Romani people are mentioned in school textbooks in rare cases, this is often done in a racist and stereotypical way. This leads to a negative self-perception of Romani children and reinforces racist stereotypes in society.

The aim of “Aven, sikla ketne!” is therefore to create positive identification opportunities in teaching materials for Romani children and to empower them. It also aims to overcome racist stereotypes and show the actual realities of life for Sinti and Romani poeple. The result is a gain not only for Romani children – but for all participating children in the respective group.