Building stories

We work in four areas in the Building Stories project.

Networking and disseminating the educational material from RomaniPhen e. V.

We want to disseminate our educational materials, which deal critically with various forms of discrimination experienced by Romani and Sinti people, both physically and digitally. By disseminating the educational materials, we want to raise awareness and contribute to the empowerment of Romani and Sinti people.

The material is ideal for teaching the following subjects: ethics, religion, German, history.

Empowerment and diversity competence in elementary education.

Three short stories about the everyday life of romani children and their families. These stories are told in the form of a workshop with a child-friendly activity in the form of a puppet show in kindergarten. To emphasize diversity, we are creating a puppet set that can tell representative Romani and Sinti stories.

Expansion of the Talking Memories APP

We want to show the historically passed on confrontations of the Romani and Sinti descendants with the genocide and create links to the stories of other persecuted groups.

But what does all this have to do with us today? To answer this question, an app area is being developed in which descendants are instructed to research the history of their family during the Nazi era. This concerns both descendants of perpetrators and descendants of victims.

Expansion of the website

We are embellishing and expanding our website.

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