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RomaniPhen e.V. Romnja* and Sintizze* organization

RomaniPhen e.V. is an organisation of Romnja* and Sintizze*. We work feminist, racism-critical and empowering! As a self-organization we are mainly active in education, knowledge and cultural production. We work in the field of extracurricular, historical and political education, on racism-critical training and also in the development of educational materials. Our work focuses on feminist work with girls, Romani-related events and the networking of activists, as well as the appreciation and dissemination of Romani knowledge.


Refuge Worlwide Interview: RomaniPhen are building a feminist Romnja* archive Svetlana Kostić on practices of archiving and knowledge-production as resistance.

ARE WOMEN’S FUNDS FOR ALL WOMEN? Critical analysis of mainstream feminist funds in relation to Romani women’s agenda By: Manuela

Resilience in the Face of Racial Antagonism: Romani Women’s Voices By: Sebijan Fejzula Resilience in the Face of Racial Antagonism:


UniRomnja Wintersemester 2023/2024 UniRomnja: Romani and Sinti Feminism – History(s), Movement(s) and Theory(s).The international lecture series “UniRomnja” is the first to

RomaniPhen and Inirromnja in conversation with Margo Okazawa-Rey (Combahee River Collective) RomaniPhen and the inirromnja visit to Margo Okazawa Rey

Romani Chaji: how we want to be called The racist term. Where does it come from and why is it

Zoralipe – Empowerment (Kurzfilm SDH EN) Young and experienced activists, Romnja and Sintizzi share what empowers them? Insights into questions

„Invisible Wound“ Podcast with Tayo Awosusi-Onutor Our board member Tayo Awosusi-Onutor was invited by Sharon Ryba-Kahn to talk about transgenerational

Intersectionality in movement – Romani feminists in conversation with RomaniPhen e.V. We are Svetlana Kostić and Isidora Randjelović and have

(H)Our Realities | BIWOC Rising* & Romaniphen With BIWOC* Rising “Using an intersectional lens, we sift through our inherent forms

The Roma Woman From Stigmatization to Affirmation Stories About the Struggle to Exist Throughout History – Maria Luiza Medela What

Roma Feminist Activism in Europa – Research Article – Alba Hernández Romani feminist activism is characterized by its transgenerational and


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