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RomaniPhen e.V. Romnja* and Sintizze* organization

RomaniPhen e.V. is an organisation of Romnja* and Sintizze*. We work feminist, racism-critical and empowering! As a self-organization we are mainly active in education, knowledge and cultural production. We work in the field of extracurricular, historical and political education, on racism-critical training and also in the development of educational materials. Our work focuses on feminist work with girls, Romani-related events and the networking of activists, as well as the appreciation and dissemination of Romani knowledge.


Refuge Worlwide Interview: RomaniPhen are building a feminist Romnja* archive Svetlana Kostić on practices of archiving and knowledge-production as resistance.

ARE WOMEN’S FUNDS FOR ALL WOMEN? Critical analysis of mainstream feminist funds in relation to Romani women’s agenda By: Manuela

Resilience in the Face of Racial Antagonism: Romani Women’s Voices By: Sebijan Fejzula Resilience in the Face of Racial Antagonism:


UniRomnja Wintersemester 2023/2024 UniRomnja: Romani and Sinti Feminism – History(s), Movement(s) and Theory(s).The international lecture series “UniRomnja” is the first to

RomaniPhen and Inirromnja in conversation with Margo Okazawa-Rey (Combahee River Collective) RomaniPhen and the inirromnja visit to Margo Okazawa Rey

Romani Chaji: how we want to be called The racist term. Where does it come from and why is it

Zoralipe – Empowerment (Kurzfilm SDH EN) Young and experienced activists, Romnja and Sintizzi share what empowers them? Insights into questions

„Invisible Wound“ Podcast with Tayo Awosusi-Onutor Our board member Tayo Awosusi-Onutor was invited by Sharon Ryba-Kahn to talk about transgenerational

Intersectionality in movement – Romani feminists in conversation with RomaniPhen e.V. We are Svetlana Kostić and Isidora Randjelović and have

(H)Our Realities | BIWOC Rising* & Romaniphen With BIWOC* Rising “Using an intersectional lens, we sift through our inherent forms

The Roma Woman From Stigmatization to Affirmation Stories About the Struggle to Exist Throughout History – Maria Luiza Medela What

Roma Feminist Activism in Europa – Research Article – Alba Hernández Romani feminist activism is characterized by its transgenerational and


We cordially invite you to our final event of the RPM at Südblock! Listen together, engage in dialogue and celebrate our communities and cross-community work! Programme: WE ART HERE! – Comedy – Singing – Spoken Word – Dance – Presentient by Gianni Jovanović & Oyindamola Alashe Sin Miedo a la Libertad–…