In 1966-1967 Fatima Hartmann migrated with her younger sister and her mother to her father in the FRG. Her father came to Germany in 1964. In the broadcasting series from " Bosporus to Gibraltar" at WDR she developed and presented programs in Romanes and German. Within the broadcasts at WDR, she tried to draw attention to the inhumane conditions of Romani and Sinti people. From 1987 to 1988 she supported the Romani Initiative Cologne, as a journalist and activist. For the Right to stay campaign, she organized concerts to bring awarennes about the right to stay for Romani people. For example, the concert "Matinee der Liedersänger" in January 1989, at which the renowned Romani singer Esma Reszepova performed. She organized many concerts with the support of WDR. Great artists such as Taraf De Haidouks and Loyko represented their musical art in Cologne.
In 1989 Fatima Hartmann founded the Rom e.V. Cologne together with other activists. She fought for ten years as the first chairwoman of Rom e.V. for the human rights of the Romani and Sinti people. Fatima Hartmann founded the magazine "Jekh Chib" together with Eli Jonuz, Yvonne Küsters, Cordula Lissner, Ute Moschner and Karola Fings. The goal was to give Romani and Sinti Holocaust survivors a space where their voices would be heard. The focus was on persecution, resistance and survival strategies. She worked as an interpreter in the therapy center for torture victims. She mainly supported Romani and Sinti people who reported on torture and rape.
„We humans should all have the same rights in this world. We wish for a free and self-determined, education-oriented life. A life in peace, in dignified accommodation with life-sustaining existential necessities. All my political power for human rights."

Fatima Hartmann

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