Intersectionality in movement - Romani feminists in conversation with RomaniPhen e.V.

We are Svetlana Kostić and Isidora Randjelović and have been involved in inirromnja and the feminist archive RomaniPhen e.V. for years. 

Welcome to our romani podcast series! We deal with feminist issues and issues critical of racism. The content we present here engages us at many points in our lives: in our movements, in our theories, and in our everyday work. 

Reproductive Justice from a Romani perspective

In conversation with Dr. Carmen Gheorghe from the E-Romnja

The term Reproductive Justice combines Reproductive Justice and Social Justice and is a human rights based concept from the USA which combines theory and practice from an intersectional perspective and its based on four principles. Our guest Carmen Gheorghe is a Romani feminist, activist and scholar she is the co-founder of E-Romnja Association, a Romani feminist NGO in Romania that’s building a new narrative about Romani girls and women in Romanian. In this conversation we get an insight into the work from E-romnja focused on the context of Reproductive Rights.