Miman´s Story

Handout on the topic of Gadjé racism.
Pedagogical material to accompany four video modules from the
the documentary film With Wings and Roots

As a result of a cooperation project between IniRromnja, With Wings and Roots and RomaniPhen, the handout “Miman’s Story” on the topic of Gadjé racism was created. Its author is Hajdi Barz, who is also part of IniRromnja. Miman’s story responds to the deficit of current educational materials on the topic of Gadjé racism – the structural and interpersonal racism against Romani and Sinti people from the major society.

The handout contains educational material that works alongside four video modules from the documentary WITH WINGS AND ROOTS. The videos portray social worker Miman, a German Rrom who works with refugee Romani families in Berlin. It provides background information for education workers, offers discussion questions about the videos, and provides in-depth exercises.

The materials serve to sensitize teachers as well as learners to the history and current situation of Romani and Sinti people in Germany. It also aims to stimulate critical reflection and create spaces for empowerment and solidarity for young people from different communities.