Memories of the Samudaripen in the musical heritage of the Romani people

During the National Socialist terror regime, Romani people imprisoned in the camps expressed their experiences of persecution and suffering through songs in the occupied territories. This musical heritage has been passed down to the present day and serves as a testament to local historical knowledge, the Romani community's understanding of persecution, and the transgenerational elements of memory over time. Three of these songs, originating from specific regions and tracing their historical transmission to contemporary music, will be examined both theoretically and musically. Young people will reinterpret these songs and create their own compositions, resulting in a youth choir and band. The project will also produce an illustrated book for young people, presenting the research findings on the songs in both Romanes and German languages, notated scores for a symphony orchestra, sound recordings of the youth choir and band, as well as a documentary film documenting the project.

Project videos

Band rehearsal Juli 2023

Videopromo choir

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