A digital learning platform from a Sinti and Romani perspective

The “Neviphen” project is developing a digital learning platform with video, audio and text contributions from a Sinti and Romani perspective. The aim is to create a low-threshold, racism-critical and diverse alternative to the often stereotypical and clichéd media offerings.

Video portraits, interviews and explanatory films by and with Sinti and Romani academics, activists, educators, initiatives and organizations are being developed for the digital learning platform. The intersectional approach plays a major role here: in other words, the consideration of the diverse life situations and socio-political experiences of Sinti and Romani people, which overlap with those of other minorities, migrants, women and religious groups. The learning platform thus provides multipliers of political education with diverse and digitized learning material that appeals to both different actors and different addressees. It also increases the visibility and dissemination of knowledge and expertise from and for the Sinti and Romani community.