Romani Chaji
– the girls*' group of the RomaniPhen archive

Empowerment and creative space for girls* from the Romani and Sinti community

The girls*' group is intended to offer girls* from the Romani and Sinti community a safer space in which they are empowered, find a creative space and are supported in their (educational) goals. This is necessary because girls* from the Romani and community are still discriminated against in society as a whole and especially in the education system.
Through the "Romani Chaji" project, the girls find a space where they can talk about their experiences of discrimination and develop strategies against it. In addition, individual learning opportunities are created to support the girls in their education. At the same time, creative skills are promoted: There are workshops on video technology, developing podcasts or even social media, where the girls create video blogs, podcasts and animated films themselves. The program is supplemented by attendance at events and workshops on a wide range of topics, such as body positivity.

This project is supported by: