Romnja* Power (Main-) Streaming

Diverse and Racism-Critical Perspectives from Romani and Sinti people

The project "Romnja* Power (Main-)Streaming" shows racism-critical and diverse perspectives from the Romani and Sinti community. Because not only in the media, but also in academia, racist representations about Romani and Sinti people are often found. These racist representations have consequences: They result in structural and institutional discrimination and influence the self-perception, especially of children and young people from the Romani and Sinti community.
The project "Romnja* Power (Main-)Streaming" wants to confront these pejorative and homogenous representations with the realities of life of Romani and Sinti people. This is achieved on the one hand through an online magazine in which Romani and Sinti people present their perspectives in the form of video, audio and text contributions. On the other hand, through a racism-critical university lecture series "UniRomnja", in which Romani feminist voices from the social sciences have their say. Thus, the project "Romnja* Power (Main-)Streaming" produces and makes visible Romani knowledge for the Roma and Sinti community itself, but also for the dominant society.